When did the world stop being so encouraging?

I recently became a mum to two incredible little humans, I say recently, they are actually 3. I always had such high expectations of myself to be the best possible mother in the world. But in reality, keeping twins alive each day is a massive achievement in itself!

I felt compelled to highlight a very simple thing I do each and every day with my children.

I encourage them. Constantly. More than I’ve ever encouraged anyone, including myself. And I do this without even realising what I’m doing.

I say things like ‘it’s ok, pick yourself up, start again.’ or ‘good girl, good boy well done for trying.’ I tell my children ‘it’s ok you fell, just get up and try again’ and guess what, they do it. They get up, dust themselves off and they try again and again. Now this process continues until they get to where they are going. No questions asked. They just trust that it’s ok to try again because I encourage them to.

So why, as adults do we automatically doubt ourselves. When does this encouragement stop? At what point in our lives do we start to question ourselves and every decision we make?

We have no need to doubt our ability to do anything really. We can just keep getting up, dusting ourselves off and try again right? So why don’t we?

I’ll tell you…. Other People.

People limit you, they crush your dreams! Everyone has a bad experience to share. They say ‘oh you’ve tried for so long now, try something else, stick to what you’re good at.’

So what’s the answer, it’s simple really.


Only you can decide where you are going and how to get yourself there. You can achieve anything you want. I’m not saying it will be easy, because it won’t always be. But if you work hard and you surround yourself with positive and like-minded people you can and will achieve your dreams.

Don’t quit, Don’t give up having high expectations for yourself. Visualise what you want your life to look like and start making a plan to get there.

If you fail, try again and again, and again if need be. Just keep pushing yourself until you do it.

Because guess what, you can do it and you will.